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Key points of maintenance: harvester

Key points of maintenance: harvester


Author:Dekenag  Alice


Cleaning .   Rinse the inner and outer soil of the harvester with water, clean the debris such as tangled grass, remove the chain and soak with diesel until the mud is brushed, then soak with oil for 5-10 minutes, remove with no oil, cover with butter and put in the dry place with brown paper or plastic bag.


Put in storage.   After the warehouse is completely cleaned, the harvester will be put into the hangar. For those without the hangar, it should be covered with a simple shelter for rain and sun. The oil filler, air filter and exhaust port of diesel oil should be wrapped with plastic bags to prevent dust from entering.


Put the net.   After the engine has been put out, the oil in the oil sump is hot and the diesel oil of the diesel engine is released. When the water temperature drops, open the switch of cooling water components such as water tank and body to drain the cooling water.


Remove .   Remove and wipe all belts, check their damage and damage, mark the belt position, keep it in the shade and ventilated place of the talc hangar, remove the generator, headlights and other main electrical appliances, and keep it properly. Remove the battery and store it in the room to charge it.


Check.    Check the parts that are worn and deformed, and check the parts that are broken during operation. Repair and replace them in time.


Corrosion protection.    Anticorrosive harvester is used often insolation, rain drench, friction, collision, to prevent corrosion to brush paint or spray paint in time. Apply oil or butter to adjusting bolts and safety clutch claws at all parts of the cutter.


Relax.    Loosen the spring of each component to make it free from compression. All parts shall be in non - working position.


Lubrication.    Lubricate the parts thoroughly according to the requirements of the lubrication chart of the harvester.


Safekeeping.    Keep the parking area of harvester to be good fire protection measures. The engine cylinder shall be filled with a little oil every month, and the crankshaft shall be rotated at least once or twice, and each hydraulic handle shall be operated dozens of times.


Underlay.     Set up the jacks with the square wood, so that the front and rear wheels off the ground, cut the table and put in the lowest position on the wood.


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