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Key points for maintenance of tea trimming machine

Key points for maintenance of tea trimming machine


Author:Dekenag  Alice


Key points of maintenance:

1. All parts shall be carefully checked before, during and after use. If damaged parts and fasteners are found loose and falling off, they should be replaced and adjusted in time. Machines are not allowed to carry disease or missing parts.

2. The blade shall be lubricated with oil once every 1-2 hours. Fill the gear box with zfg-2 complex calcium base grease every 20 to 30 hours.

3. The maximum pruning diameter shall not exceed 10 mm. If you cut thick branches or foreign matter, feel the machine sound abnormal, vibration, should be quickly shut down, foreign matter.

4. Clean the air filter sponge with cleaning agent or washing powder for 50 hours, squeeze and dry. Remove spark plug deposits after 150 hours of operation; Replace fuel filter every 3 months after working.

5. After use every day, clean the body, rinse the tea juice on the blade with clean water, and then pour oil into the oil hole after drying.

6. The machine should be parked for a long time to remove dust and sundries on the body surface. Release fuel from the tank. Remove the spark plug, remove the carbon, and fill the cylinder with a few drops of cleaning oil. Install spark plug, package and place in a dry place.


Operation key points:

1. Read the random instructions carefully before use. And familiar with mechanical structure and performance, master switch machine procedures, blade gap adjustment, matters needing attention and operating essentials.

2. The fuel used in the machine is provided with 90 gasoline and the special oil for the 2-stroke gasoline engine, which is prepared according to the volume ratio of 25:1 (the first 20 hours of the new machine tool is 20:1), and it is used after being mixed evenly. Substitutive gasoline and oil are not allowed, or the mix of gasoline and oil is changed.

3. Mechanical start: press the hand pump several times before starting, so that the fuel can enter the carburetor, exhaust the air, open the accelerator 1/2 to 1/3, close the air damper properly, press the gasoline engine hard and pull the starting line. After starting, open the damper, gradually increase the throttle to make its normal operation, start to work.

4. When the engine stops, put the throttle in the low speed position, and then turn off the gasoline engine. Note that the engine cannot be clipped at low speed or stopped suddenly at high speed to prevent damage to the parts.

5. When using the double pruning machine, adjust the handle of the machine to the best position according to the height of the person and the height and width of the tea tree line, and then cut the machine.

6. Pay attention to human and machine safety during operation. The operator and assistant should cooperate closely. Turn off the gas pedal and stop the blade to avoid injury. Be sure to shut down during breaks. Pay great attention to the metal and hard objects on the tea tree during operation. Remove them at ordinary times or in advance to avoid damaging the cutter.


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