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Keep our sprayers in good condition

Keep our sprayers in good condition


Author:Dekenag  Alice


Most pesticides are corrosive to sprayers, and care should be taken after use.

First, clean it. After the sprayer is stopped, clean the shell of the medicine barrel, hose, spray rod, pump and other parts first. Second, rinse with caustic water. (sprayers sprayed with bordeaux should be soaked in caustic water for 1-2 hours.) Finally rinse with water and dry with cotton cloth, do not insolate.

Next, besmear high grade grease, brush paint antirust. The dismountable parts should be removed and cleaned, and the inner pipe wall of the spray rod and sprinkler head should be washed with machine oil to avoid rust caused by damp. Apply high quality grease (butter) to all areas where screws are fixed or where they are frequently worn. Thin - walled iron parts can be painted evenly on its surface or off the paint, to ensure that long-term rust. When applying oil to the metal parts of the sprayer, avoid sticking oil to the rubber parts. Because rubber parts adhere to oil, easy to aging, resulting in cracks, shortening service life.

Again, keep in a ventilated, dry place. Do not put the sprayer in the dark and damp corner, also do not open storage, should be put in indoor ventilated, dry and do not receive direct sunlight place. Because many parts of the spray are made of rubber and plastic, they are vulnerable to aging and deterioration by the action of oxygen in the air and ultraviolet light in the sun.

In addition, if the spray rod is broken or the hole in the outer barrel of the sprayer is found, you can purchase the ready-made plastic glue stick or other plastic repair glue for repairing. Clean the repair area first, remove oil traces, and roughen the surface. Take out the gel of the instant plastic in the tube, cut off the required amount, and mix the two different colors of the inner core and the outer skin of the instant plastic with your hands in one color (about 1-2 minutes). When used at low temperature, the gel can be heated to room temperature or slightly above room temperature.