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If used correctly, the planter can extend its life

If used correctly, the planter can extend its life


Author:Dekenag  Alice


Correct use of the planter, can extend the use of equipment, also can save time for farmers. After the planter is connected with the tractor, it shall not be tilted, and the frame should be horizontal when working. Adjust the seeding quantity, the line distance of the trencher, and the depth and depth of the furrow overburden roller properly according to the provisions of the operation instruction and the requirements of agronomy. In order to ensure the quality of sowing, before the large-scale sowing, we must insist on the pilot planting of 20 meters, observe the working situation of the sowing machine, ask the agricultural machine personnel to check and consult, confirm to meet the local agricultural requirements, and then conduct the large-area sowing; When selecting the route of operation, the machine operator should ensure the convenience of planting and mechanical entry and exit. When sowing, it should pay attention to moving forward in a straight line at a constant speed. In order to prevent the plug of the trencher, the planter should be lifted when lifting, reversing or turning.


When sowing seeds, first horizontal sowing ground, to avoid the ground will be hard. The work situation of the planter, furrow opener, mulcher and transmission mechanism should be observed frequently, such as the occurrence of blockage, clay, winding grass, and loose seed cover, which should be eliminated in time. Work such as adjusting, repairing, lubricating, or cleaning the winding grass must be done after parking.


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