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How to use the tractor in hot season

How to use the tractor in hot season


Author:Dekenag  Alice


The high temperature season, the tractor is easy to have the breakdown, sometimes man-machine damage casualty accident occurs. So, how should high temperature season use tractor correctly? Let's talk about the mechanics.


1. High temperature makes cistern water is short of water easily, cause engine to overheat, processing is undeserved can blast crack cylinder cover, cylinder sleeve. Correct method is: stop, such as water temperature dropped to 60 ℃to 70 ℃, then to add clean water into water tank. In order to prevent the engine from overheating, the load of the tractor should be controlled at 90%.


2. High temperature season arrival, should turn the oil switch from "winter" to "summer", let the oil from the filter through the oil radiator cooling, then enter the main oil channel, prevent the oil temperature is too high and burning tile or draw cylinder.


3. High temperature season, temperature difference between day and night, easy to cause flat tire. For this reason, when the tire is inflated in the morning, it should be 5-7% lower than in winter. When the tire is inflated at noon, it should be 2% to 4% lower than in winter.


4. When the belt is subjected to high temperature, it is easy to relax the tension and skid, causing overheating of the engine and belt damage. For this, enter high temperature season, should check and adjust belt tension in time, prevent belt from slipping.


5. Under high temperature, the battery will produce a lot of steam, plug vent, causing the battery internal pressure is too high and burst. For this, high temperature season period, machine hand should often dredge vent hole.


6. High temperature can cause extreme pile oxidation of battery, which makes the engine difficult to start and the electrical system fails. For this purpose, the driver should put butter or vaseline on the pole to prevent extreme pile oxidation. If the pole pile has been oxidized, remove the battery line from the extreme pile, polish the oxide layer with a abrasive cloth or saw blade, and then clamp it firmly.


7. High temperatures also cause battery water to evaporate, resulting in water shortage, accelerated plate vulcanization and damage. Therefore, the driver should check the battery every 7-10 days. If the level of water shortage drops, distilled water should be added in time.


8. The high temperature easily oxidizes the contact of the electric horn, making a continuous piercing sound. At this time, the machine can use abrasive cloth grinding contact. The jar will go away.


9. High temperature season rain, rain into the air filter, easy to cause the tractor "fly". If the driver hears the engine humming, it's a sign that the tractor is flying.


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