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How to use the newly purchased agricultural machinery correctly

How to use the newly purchased agricultural machinery correctly


Author:Dekenag  Alice


After the farmer friend buys new agricultural machinery, if according to the following basic requirements, will make the agricultural machinery and tools service life greatly extends:


First, carefully read the operation manual of the engine before use, and pay special attention to the following basic requirements: 1. Fully precipitate and filter the fuel before use, and keep the oiler clean.2. The lubricating oil should be kept clean, the added quantity should be sufficient, and regularly replaced, and the brand should be used in accordance with the regulations. 3. The air filter should be maintained regularly. 4. Be careful to add cooling water, especially if the engine is running out of water. 5. Always pay attention to check and tighten bolts and nuts, especially connecting rod bolts, bolts on driving shaft and locking nuts on flywheel, wheel retaining nuts, etc.


Second,the new purchase of farm machinery do not immediately with the load operation, should be in accordance with the requirements of the manual test run and run-in. After the grinding, clean the oil filter screen and remove the residual impurities in the oil. If necessary, replace the oil and clean the oil sump.


Third, the new machinery can not be modified arbitrarily and arbitrarily high engine speed. In order to make the machine run faster, some drivers adjust the oil supply and pressure of the high-pressure oil pump at will.


Fourth,new machinery to carry out the operation, strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions to do. No overloading, no overspeed, no overfeeding, no overloading.


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