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How to use the hung full width wrong line corn harvester

How to use the hung full width wrong line corn harvester


Author:Dekenag  Alice


1. Working principle, function and technical parameters of the harvester


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The corn harvester (hereinafter referred to as the harvester) mainly consists of the front cutting table, the lifter, the fruit ear box, the straw returning machine, the cleaning and sorting device, the hanging device, the hydraulic system and the transmission system and so on.


Hang the corn harvester is greater than 40.7 kW wheeled tractor after the tractor pto to transfer power to harvest machine when walking tractor along the row of corn maize plants are hung on the tractor front cut points grain device of import cutting machine to pick a spike guide front cut machine chain is designed tooth forced to dial into and is designed by taking grain rod centralizer plant import smoothly to spin the spike in characterized by the rotating roller pluck the head roll extrusion and remove stalks was picking roller extrusion and pull to the ground the straw on the ground by the rear returning straw counters-field set pieces. The picked fruit is lifted from the hoisting chain of the cutting table to the rear end of the cutting table for lateral delivery. The agitator cage is delivered to the ear elevator through the mixing device on the lifting device, and the ear is mixed and collected into the ear box. When the ear box is full, the hydraulic oil cylinder under the box will lift the ear box and put the ear into the transport vehicle. In this way, many functions such as picking, gathering, sorting, dumping and crushing the straw into the field or recovering the straw were completed.


2. Maintenance of harvester


(1) daily technical maintenance

Before daily work, the chain must be thoroughly checked for tension, connections, fasteners and fasteners. To deform seriously worn or damaged to replace weeds tangled in the machine. Check the land returning machine if there is broken knife, off the situation should be made up in time. Pay attention to whether the fixed bolts of bearing pedestal on both ends of cutter shaft are firm and reliable. Check that all transmission chains, especially the cotter pin on the driving chain pin shaft, are complete. Replace the new cotter pin if necessary. ; Clean up the clay in the roof of the land returning machine. It is important to change the weight and length of the new blade to the same as the critical original blade to ensure the balance quality.


(2) lubrication of corn combine harvester; Lubricate as per instruction. Often check the bearing seal state found oil leakage to shorten the interval of lubrication seriously to replace. Open drive sprocket should be often lubricated with oil. Lubrication points shall be lubricated with lubricating oil.


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