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How to save energy and reduce emissions in agricultural machinery maintenance

How to save energy and reduce emissions in agricultural machinery maintenance


Author:Dekenag  Alice

Agricultural machinery maintenance, energy conservation and emission reduction is to save expenditure and increase efficiency, is a matter of concern to the majority of machine operators. During the spring plowing period, the use and maintenance of agricultural machinery is at its peak

Standard oil transfer technology

Meaning: transfer the standard oil quantity of the injection pump to the maintenance enterprise of the injection pump step by step through the standard system, which is used for the adjustment of the injection pump.

Main technical content includes: standard oil transfer method and debugging process, in the calibration method of fuel injection pump test bench, test rig with standard fuel injection pump and injector of standard components such as calibration method, and the fuel injection pump repair industry standard oil transmission network planning and design (including standard dissemination and floating dissemination method).

Effect: according to the test statistics, using the calibrated fuel injection pump test bed debugs the fuel injection pump, the average fuel saving per unit is 5%. At the same time, the calibrated fuel pump can guarantee the good working condition of the diesel engine, which is helpful to extend the service life of the diesel engine, reduce the noise and reduce the exhaust emission.

Testing technology of fuel pump and fuel injector

Definition: under specified conditions, maintain and debug the fuel pump and injector according to the correct maintenance process and debugging method, so as to achieve the proper function of the technology.

Main content includes: fuel injection pump oil supply determine the starting position of each cylinder, oil test and adjustment, fuel injection pump assembly sealing test, speed characteristic test and adjustment, inspection and adjustment of fuel injection pump accessory, injector fuel injection pressure check and adjustment, atomization quality and distribution of the state of the inspection, seal check, as well as the debugging work environment, technical conditions and equipment requirements.

Effect: according to the sampling test of the tractors in use, the fuel consumption rate of small tractors is 13.4% higher than the standard value on average, that of large and medium-sized tractors is 6-10% higher on average, and the particulate matter emission is 4-5 times higher than the national standard. The precise adjustment of the fuel pump and injector in the high-pressure oil path of the tractor diesel engine can significantly reduce energy consumption, discharge, restore or improve its performance.

Diesel engine performance adjustment and optimization technology

Meaning: using advanced instruments and equipment to test the technical status of diesel engine, optimize and adjust the technical parameters, so as to restore the good technical status of diesel engine.

The main technical contents include: injection pressure, injection advance Angle, valve clearance, valve timing, cylinder pressure, rotating speed, oil pressure and pressure keeping time of oil outlet valve, etc.

Results: according to the test statistics, after testing and optimization adjustment, the diesel engine can generally increase its power by 8-15%, reduce fuel consumption by 10-20%, reduce engine failure rate by 14.6%, reduce maintenance cost by 13.5%, reduce maintenance time by 24.8%, and reduce maintenance downtime by 16.8%.

Tractor not disassembled detection and debugging technology

Meaning: adopt advanced instruments and equipment to carry out rapid test and technical evaluation on the comprehensive technical condition of the tractor without disassembly, and take corresponding maintenance and debugging measures to keep the tractor in good operation, so as to achieve the technology of energy saving and emission reduction.

The main technical contents include: comprehensive detection of the power, fuel consumption and discharge of the tractor, as well as special detection and repair of the transmission system, hydraulic system and braking system.

Effect: according to the test statistics, 8055 tractors were not disassembled, among which 4,430 tractors with poor technical status were tested. The technical state of the tractor has been significantly improved after commissioning. The average power before commissioning is 7.35 kw, the average fuel consumption rate is 340 g/KWH, the average power after commissioning is 8.16 kw, and the average fuel consumption rate is 299.2 g/KWH, the total power restored is 3588 kw, and the per KWH is 120 kg/year.

Oil timely replacement technology

Meaning: to inspect and analyze the quality of agricultural machinery lubricating oil regularly, to change oil timely according to the oil changing standard, so as to ensure good lubrication of agricultural machinery. At the same time, monitor the change of the technical state of agricultural machinery and determine the maintenance strategy.

The main technical contents include: detection technology of physical and chemical properties of lubricating oil (viscosity, acid value, water, impurities, water-soluble acid-base), determination of oil change standard and oil change period of lubricating oil, and analysis of working status of relevant systems in lubricating parts.

Effect: the replacement of farm machinery oil usually adopts fixed oil changing period. Adopting the technology of timely replacement by regular testing and analysis can avoid replacing the good quality lubricating oil in a fixed period, reduce the amount of oil change, save resources and reduce waste oil pollution. It can also be found that the quality of lubricating oil becomes worse before the replacement time, so as to avoid bad lubrication condition, aggravation of wear and serious mechanical failure.

Water base cleaning technology

Meaning: take water as cleaning medium, use water-based cleaning agent instead of organic solvent, combine different cleaning methods, quickly and efficiently clean the parts of the new environmental cleaning technology. Water-based cleaning agent is a mixture of surfactant, washing assistant, corrosion inhibitor, solvent increasing, antifoaming agent and foam stabilizer in water, which can replace inflammable and dangerous petroleum solvent and remove oil stains, dye mold stains and other contaminants on the surface of metal parts.

The main technical contents include: selection and preparation of water-based cleaning agent, application of cleaning methods such as high-pressure cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning technology.

Results: according to the test statistics, 1 kg water-based detergent can replace 20 kg of organic solvent, and the cost is only 10-20% of the organic solvent. Water-based cleaning agent can not only dissolve all kinds of water-soluble dirt, but also remove synthetic resin, fat and other water-soluble dirt.

Diesel engine exhaust pollutant reduction technology

Meaning: the technology of purifying the exhaust of diesel engine on the basis of internal cleaning measures and fuel modification.

The main technical contents include: particulate filtration capture, oxidative catalytic conversion, NOx reduction conversion and other non-filtration technologies for different characteristics of nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbon (HC) and particulate matter (PM) in diesel exhaust.

Results: the experiments showed that adding oxidizing catalytic converter to diesel engine could reduce the contents of HC and CO by 50% and the PM emission by 50-70%, among which polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and nitro polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons were also significantly reduced. With the addition of particle filter, the efficiency of carbon filtration is higher, reaching 60% ~ 90%. The NOx catalytic converter is installed to carry out a good catalytic conversion of NOx in diesel exhaust, which can reduce its emission by 20% ~ 30%.

Adhesion repair leakage technology

Meaning: in the agricultural machinery maintenance and repair process, use adhesive, adopt adhesive technology instead of traditional riveting, welding and thread connection technology, to seal connection failure and parts damage defects repair technology.

The main technical contents include: sealing leakage of wear and leakage of joint surface, thread and pipe joint and fitting parts, broken adhesion of metal and non-metal parts, and size recovery of wear on mating parts.

Effect: adopting adhesive sealing and sealing technology, it is easy to operate, low cost and does not require complicated equipment. In addition, it can be used for repair and size recovery of broken parts of farm machinery in harsh working environment and high strength.