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How to remove oil stains from farm equipment

How to remove oil stains from farm equipment


Author:Dekenag  Alice


Agricultural machinery and tools in the operation is easy to adhere to oil, both affect the appearance of normal use, so should be promptly cleaned.

In general, the hands often use tools to remove the thick oil, and then use gasoline, diesel oil scrub, or slowly scrape with a starter, wood, this method is time-consuming, and waste of energy. In order to save oil, reduce cost and improve efficiency, a simple cleaning method is introduced: take sandy loess, use water and mud, use tools to clean the areas with oil on the agricultural machinery and tools, and then apply good yellow mud. After drying, the yellow mud will crack, and the oil will be adsorbed on the yellow mud, which is easy to be cleaned. If there is residual yellow mud on the machine, clean it with water. If the oil is too thick and thick, if the oil cannot be cleaned once, use the above method again, until the oil can be cleaned.