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How to realize the tractor and seeding machine hook up

How to realize the tractor and seeding machine hook up


Author:Dekenag  Alice


1. When the tractor (product library) is connected with the sowing machine (product library), the machine and tool center should be connected to the forward tractor center according to the required connection position to ensure the copying performance of the sowing machine.


2. When using a wheeled tractor, the tread of the tractor should be adjusted according to the row spacing of different crops to make the wheels walk between the rows so as not to affect the planting quality.


3. After the tractor is attached to the sowing machine, the machine should be kept level before and after working. Adjusting the lifting rod of the tractor suspension mechanism can adjust the level of seeder. Adjust the hoist center rod of the tractor to adjust the level of the planter before and after. In the seeding operation, the hydraulic control lever of the tractor should be placed in the "floating" position.


4. When the suspension planter is hoisted, if the tractor has warping head, it can add a counterweight to the front bumper of the tractor to increase the control stability of the tractor.


5. When towing more than two seeding machines, connectors are required. When the sowing machine is connected, the center line of the entire sowing unit should be aligned with the center line of the tractor.


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