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How to maintain the new farm machinery after use

How to maintain the new farm machinery after use


Author:Dekenag  Alice


As the saying goes: "three points use, seven points raise", for new agricultural machinery and tools, careful maintenance, can be durable. The following points should be noted after new agricultural machinery is used:

First, some users buy new agricultural machinery and tools, only seasonal use, after their use in the sun and rain. When it is used again, the machine cannot be turned, such as the cylinder, piston ring, valve, seat ring and pipe in the engine are all rust dead, the loss is very large. In order to avoid the occurrence of this kind of situation, the following special maintenance is necessary for the agricultural machinery which will remain for a long time after use:

1. Clean the outside of the machine, including the farm equipment.

2. Put the machine in a dry and ventilated place.

3. Discharge all cooling water from the body pipe and water tank.

4. Start the machine for about 20 seconds to let the residual water in the body evaporate.

5. Shake and turn the crankshaft, and place the crankshaft at the beginning of the compression stroke (at this point, the inlet and exhaust doors are closed, and the roller of the high-pressure oil pump is not pressed tightly by the CAM of the camshaft). Keep this position.

6. Apply a layer of fresh motor oil to the parts of agricultural machinery and tools that are prone to rust.

7. After stopping for 2 months, unwrap the inlet and outlet pipe, start the machine for 10 seconds (without cooling water), put the machine in its original position, and re-wrap the inlet and outlet pipe.

Second, clean the appearance of the thresher, water pump, shredder and other machines, and put anti-rust oil on the part of easy rust, and then cover the inlet and outlet of the material to prevent hard objects from falling into it. For the pump, the pump housing of the water discharge clean.