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How to keep it after use

How to keep it after use


Author:Dekenag  Alice


If the drainage irrigation equipment is not properly maintained and managed, it is extremely easy to rust and damage and cannot be used. Therefore, proper maintenance and management should be ensured after the drainage irrigation equipment is stopped.


1. Diesel engines.After stopping use, make a thorough inspection and maintenance of all parts to keep them in good condition, and then apply the oil. To the body of the paint, paint to be repainted to prevent rust. After inspection and maintenance to be in the room mat height, off the ground storage.


2. The motor used in the well.It should be removed from the well and put in the room for inspection and maintenance. Clean the dirt on the cover, check and repair the core carefully, and put it into storage. The motor and starter should be dustproof, moisture-proof and rainproof. After packing, put into storage and keep properly.


3. Centrifugal pumps. After use, the pump and hose should be removed from the well. After the clean water is released, the wear degree of the pump impeller, bearing, cup and other parts should be checked, and the seriously worn parts should be replaced. The bearing shall be cleaned with petrol, butter and well installed, rust on the cast iron parts such as the bottom valve of the pump and the bend pipe shall be cleaned with wire brush, and butter shall be applied, and shall be placed in the dry storeroom and stored away from the ground.


4. Deep well pump. After stop using, start every 7 ~ 10 days, generally about 30 minutes, in case of rust. If it takes a long time to stop working, the pump should be taken out of the well and put into storage after maintenance.


5. The pipe. When all the pipes are stopped, clean the water. The iron pipe should be painted; Do not contact the rubber pipe with gasoline; The plastic pipe should also be rinsed and placed in a dry warehouse for proper storage.


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