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How to fix a small problem

How to fix a small problem


Author:Dekenag  Alice


Fix a bug in the farm machine


What about puncture tires? If the leakage is not serious at that time, the tractor will slowly out of the field, and then pull out the puncture repair. When the tire slowly leaks air, you can take out the valve core and put all the air in the inner tube. Take a piece of hard paper and make it into a funnel. Insert the small head into the valve mouth and then pour a small amount of talc into the inner tube according to the tire size. When irrigation does not go in, take the funnel, turn the tire and continue to pour until the powder is finished. Then install the valve core and fill the air. When it is inflated, talc spreads out in the fetus, blocking the small, slow-leaking pores.


The plastic cover of the valve on the tire is also very annoying to lose. You can cut a piece of soft plastic tube, with one end of the tube baked soft and pinched to death, and the other end can be put on the mouth of the valve.


What about the oil leak? Oil leakage was found in the oil tank on the road, wipe up the oil spill, and use soap or bubble gum on the leak, can reduce leakage, such as epoxy resin adhesive to stop the leakage, better results. Sometimes, because there is a small crack, the part can be put into the kerosene, after a period of time to take out, wipe the surface and sprinkle a layer of ***, then gently hit the part with a small hammer, if there is a crack, because of the hammer shock, so that the kerosene has been immersed in the crack from the crack, the crack is shown on ***.


The convex surface at both ends of the high-pressure tubing is connected with the concave surface on the injector and oil outlet valve. There is no gasket in the middle, but no oil leakage. If the contact surface is worn, oil leakage will occur. At this time, a round copper sheet can be cut off from the exhaust cylinder washer, and a small hole can be inserted in the middle. The oil spill would be solved.


The purple copper pipeline on large and medium-sized tractors is not suitable for bending, so the calibrated part can be burned red, and then quickly into cold water, so the copper pipe will be flexible and easy to bend. The air in the rotor pump used for diesel engine is not clear, and it is prone to failure of no oil injection. A medical needle can be used to fill the oil, and oil is poured into the inlet of the pump, and the motor pump can be switched to make the oil exit.


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