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How to deal with the common failures of no-tillage planter

How to deal with the common failures of no-tillage planter


Author:Dekenag  Alice


Missing information:


In the work of no-tillage planter, if the phenomenon of seeding leakage occurs, it means that the feeding tube is blocked or off. It may also be that the feeding tube is damaged and leaking out. When this phenomenon is found, stop to check and remove it in time. Put the tube back in place or replace it.


The fertilizer square shaft does not rotate:

The reason that the fertilizer square shaft does not rotate is that the fertilizer is too wet or too much, and the particle is too large, so that the fertilizer cannot be applied to the soil smoothly. The elimination method is: clean the screw feeder. Break up large pieces of fertilizer.


Deep inconsistency:

The reason for this is that the compression spring pressure of the operating component is inconsistent. The elimination method is: raise the planter of the trench assembly, adjust the shallow row of the spring pressure. Ensure that the spring pressure is consistent with that of other groups.


Seeding row spacing:

The reason for this situation is that the limit plate of the working component is damaged or the fixed bolts between the working component and the frame are loose. Cause wobble of operating component, resulting in row spacing inconsistent. When this happens, stop working, check and tighten the bolts that are attached to the work unit to the frame.


Uneven seeding amount:

The reason for the uneven seeding quantity of no-tillage planter is that the length of the blocking wheel on the opening of the planter is inconsistent. Or the fixed bolt of the sowing quantity regulator is loose, which leads to the big and small amount of seeding. The way to solve this problem is to readjust the opening of the feeder. Tighten the retaining bolts on the feed quantity regulator.


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