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How is pumping poor to adjust

How is pumping poor to adjust


 Author:Dekenag  Alice


The reason is that the bottom valve is stuck, part of the filter blocked, high water absorption or water leakage. The impeller may be blocked due to wrong steering. After checking one by one, repair the bottom valve, remove the blockage, correct the steering, clean the impeller and other measures can be taken respectively.

Pipe leakage or leakage

The nut may not tighten when installed. If leakage is not serious, you can smear cement or cement mixed with asphalt oil in the place of leakage or leakage. Temporary repairs may be made with wet mud or soft soap. If leakage occurs at the joint, a wrench can be used to tighten the nut.

Pump shock

There may be imbalance of the electric rotor, or poor coupling, bearing wear and bending; It is also possible to loosen or crack parts when rotating. Also has because the tube bracket is not firm and so on reason. It can be adjusted, repaired, reinforced, straightened and replaced respectively.

Impeller removal and repair

The impeller blade is broken, or affected by cavitation corrosion, many surface pitting, should be replaced or plated with cemented carbide. When wear is not big, also can undertake burning fill. When disassembly, fix the impeller and pump shaft first, loosen the nut or rotation device head screw, and then rotate the thimble screw, gradually pull the transmission device out, and then remove the shaft from the pump shell, and remove the impeller to the repair factory.

Repair of pump shaft defects

Pump shaft bending due to impact load, belt tension or improper installation, etc. If the bending is not severe, you can use the manual screw straightener, but not too hard. If the pump shaft crack or break, it can be welded, welded or welded, then tempered, grinding.