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High-grade, precise and advanced agricultural machinery made a central demonstration at the 2016 Agr

On October 26th, the 2016 China International Agricultural Machinery Convention, which was themed on innovation, openness, greenness, sharing and coordination, was grandly opened at Wuhan International Conference & Exhibition Center. On the 220,000-square-meter exhibition platform, the top agricultural machines that come from Asia, Europe, Africa and America were exhibited centrally. According to the editor of 21-sun, over 1,900 corporates attended this expo and the exhibited products cover the mainframes and components of 15 major categories and 36 sub-classes, including tractors, cultivating machinery, sowing machinery, cultivating machinery, harvesting machinery, internal combustors, fuel generator units, row irrigation machinery and the machinery for plant protection and agricultural aircrafts. The products were mainly about animal husbandry, row irrigation and other new agricultural machines.
During the activity, the company will centeron
implementing the Five Developmental Concepts, promote the developmental strategy of reforming the agricultural machinery supply and dock countries’ developmental strategy of “One Belt and One Road”, as well as hold a series of international agricultural academic activities and agricultural mechanization development forums. For example, the “One Belt and One Road” China—Russia Industrial and Commercial Dialogue (agricultural machinery trading and cooperation) will be held in Wuhan and attended by delegations of Italy, Korea, Russia, Germany, India, Sir Lanka and Thailand.
This session of exhibition will be richer in contents, more innovative in form and represent three light spots.
Light Spot 1. Specially Set up Exhibition Zones
This exhibition will especially set up various exhibition zones, including the whole-range mechanization exhibition zone, the precise agricultural exhibition zone, the smart equipment exhibition zone, the agricultural book exhibition zone and the college innovation work exhibition zone. It pays a higher emphasis over the agricultural machinery achievements brought by scientific technology.
Light Spot 2. International Communications
During the exhibition, the hosting party will organize and hold the China Agricultural Machinery Association’s international academic annual meeting, the “One Belt and One Road” China-Russia Business and Commerce Dialogue and the group visits of Korea, Germany, India, Sir Lanka, Thailand and the Asia Pacific Association, thereby further enhancing the efforts of international communications and cooperation.
Light Spot 3. Key Invitation
The exhibition not only invites the agricultural bureaus and agricultural machinery bureaus of various provinces (districts and cities), but also especially invites the experts from the military farm affiliated to the Military Supply Energy Bureau of Central Military Commission’s Logistic Guarantee Department and the agricultural machinery industry for deep participation. Besides, 400 excellent cooperative chairmen were invited to attend the exhibition to experience zero-distance contact with agricultural machinery (tools), thereby constructing the bridge of communications and exchanges with manufacturers.