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Grain dryers crack farmers drying grain problem

On November 18, yellow yellow pier pier town village, the villagers in huaining county, anhui province Liu Jiezheng busy just finished harvesting with 3700 kg of rice moisture, to the village to plant large Xu Fuyun farm.
Why liu jie to kind of food to Xu Fuyun farm? "The farm's large dryer can be rough rice drying, so even met rainy day, rice also won't mildewy." Writing liu jie, hit the cat.
How the Xu Fuyun remembered to buy grain dryer? It still have to go back 2012 years ago. Through the land circulation, Xu Fuyun became yellow block town of grain producer, known for his year of rice and wheat planting area of more than 2000 acres. "After the rice harvest, grain moisture content is higher, and the rain, the more the rice sprout mildew easily." Before talking about rice drying, Xu Fuyun is helpless. Even on a clear day, he would have to harvest the sun valley, had no time to two to two or morethings; Besides drying rice need several days. What is more annoying, no large ShaiGuChang for drying in the village. "In 2010, I because there is no place to dry rice and wheat, cause mould, direct economic losses amounted to more than 40, ten thousand yuan."
In 2012, saw the news about grain dryers Xu Fuyun unwittingly, he invested 2.4 million yuan, bought two large dryer. Sure enough, the dryer in the 2013 years of continuous wet weather, a place, a large dryer can dry grain 50 tons a day on average. Xu Fuyun pinching fingers carefully calculated brushstroke zhang: drying rice before, not only is limited by space, also please help to dry. Dried need 3 days commonly, artificial cost is 1 cents/kg, 50 tons of rice costs 5000 yuan. Now is the cost of drying machine 6 cents per kilogram, 50 tons of rice drying fee is 3000 yuan, cost 2000 yuan than before. "And, in the field before drying rice, because chickens, ducks peck, waste is very big. Now switch to drying machine, I don't have to worry about this."
Sent rice drying soon see liu jie, yellow pier Hu Zuzhi town Jiang Ling village villagers also made more than 30 tons of rice harvest, came all Xu Fuyun farm. Hu Zuzhi said: "the dryer can be complete drying rice moisture, is better than natural dry. More importantly, I can now take more time to engage in other activities, otherwise delay one day more, I do not know to how much money loss."  
When it comes to the benefits of grain dryers, director of huaining county rural Qian Shiping said: "the use of these devices, on the one hand, save work can reduce cost, on the other hand can effectively enhance the ability of farmers to resist natural disasters, to ensure food security. Now my county is mainly guide Xu Fuyun such grain producer, by buying the dryer to solve grain drying problem, hope that through their drive farmers voluntary use."   
Head of the county NongJiJu Zheng Jiu han is introduced, in order to improve the enthusiasm of farmers to plant, solve the farmers, especially grain large grain drying problem, on the basis of national farm machinery subsidy policy, huaining county, also in the machine type selection, technical services, financing, etc., to give strong support to the large grain. "Last year I bought two dryers, government subsidies of 70000 yuan." Xu Fuyun said proudly, "I know some of the grain, can also through the government financing platform loans to purchase dryer." The huaining county has a total of more than 10 family farm with grain drying equipment, have 70 large and small grain dryer.