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Eight non-plugging external holes for tractor maintenance

Eight non-plugging external holes for tractor maintenance


Author:Dekenag  Alice


Eight external holes shall not be blocked in the maintenance of the tractor


First, the fuel injector plug after the needle valve open, uneven oil supply, the engine is not stable.


Second, water seal leakage will enter the pump bearing shell after the water drain hole is blocked, so that the grease hydrates, reducing the lubrication performance, so that the pump bearing damage.


Third, after the dust hole of the air filter cover is blocked, the dust particles in the air can not be discharged, and it is easy to block the lower filter mesh, reduce the inspiration, reduce the power, and even dust particles enter the combustion chamber to speed up the valve, cylinder liner, piston and other machine wear.


Fourthly, the crankcase air vents are blocked to make the oil of oil sump thinner and deteriorate, reduce the lubrication performance, and cause the burning oil, so that the oil consumption increases.


Five is the main valve of the economizer after the airflow hole blocked in the body of water jacket gas drainage, water tank plus dissatisfied water, easy to cause open pot. Water in the tank in the winter season can not go into, easy to freeze the tank.


Sixth, the oil in the lubricating oil pool of the oil pump will increase, become thin and overflow after the drain hole at the pusher and the pusher sleeve is blocked.


The seventh, after the small hole in the lower part of the clutch housing is blocked, once the crankshaft oil seal leakage, the clutch storage oil, will cause the clutch to slip.


Eight is the battery cover hole plug after the battery waste gas can not be discharged in time, thus damage the battery.


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