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Early spring agricultural machinery use four key points

Early spring agricultural machinery use four key points

Author:Dekenag  Alice

With the advent of spring farming, a variety of agricultural machinery will start to put into production operations. In order to reduce the failure of operation, improve the efficiency of operation and ensure the safety of production, the following four points should be paid attention to when using agricultural machinery and tools in this period.

1. All agricultural machines shall be cleaned, lubricated, adjusted and tightened before use according to the requirements of the operation instruction to ensure that the machines and tools are put into operation in good technical condition.

2. For the maintenance of the lubrication system of power machinery (such as tractors and diesel engines), in addition to using lubricating oil according to the prescribed standards, the maintenance cycle and specifications of the lubrication system shall be strictly observed. The lubrication system shall be cleaned regularly and the filter components shall be replaced regularly to reduce the wear of the parts.

3. In early spring, the temperature is unstable and variable, and the correct use of power machinery cooling system cannot be ignored. To continue to do a good job of antifreeze, at night the temperature is lower than 0 ℃, cooling water should be put off, so as to avoid frost crack the body. The machine should be preheated when starting at low temperature. Attention should be paid to the normal use of the engine temperature, water temperature reached more than 40 ℃, Fang Kekong load operation, more than 60 ℃ can start load operation, the normal working temperature should be kept between 80-95 ℃, in order to reduce unnecessary wear and tear engine.

4. The tractor must strictly observe the operation rules to ensure the safety of production when carrying out operations such as rotary plowing, sowing and irrigation.