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Do not mess with the butter during maintenance

Do not mess with the butter during maintenance


Author:Dekenag  Alice


Butter is a kind of lubricant frequently used in the maintenance of agricultural machinery. Because of its stickiness, some farmers use it as an adhesive, but they should pay attention to the following points:


Piston ring: in order to avoid misalignment of piston ring during installation, some agricultural technicians put butter in the ring groove to stick the ring, which is very harmful. When the engine is working, the butter will form a jelly when it gets hot, which will affect the elasticity of the piston ring, reduce the sealing performance, produce carbon deposition and aggravate the machine wear.


Cylinder gasket:some agricultural machinists use butter on both sides of cylinder gaskets to increase cylinder sealing, but the result is the opposite. As the temperature of the cylinder rises rapidly when the generator is running, the butter will melt and run away, creating voids that cause the cylinder to leak air. At the same time, the butter melt produces carbon deposition, accelerating the cylinder gasket aging.


Third, governor: some of the agricultural hands for easy installation, in the governor bracket with butter to stick the ball. Thus, after starting, the copper ball is not easily separated by centrifugal force. Once melted into the crankcase, the oil will deteriorate and become unusable.


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