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Detailed procedures for maintenance after use of combine harvester

Detailed procedures for maintenance after use of combine harvester


Author:Dekenag  Alice


Clean the machine. Open the inspection cover of each part of the machine, remove all the protective covers, remove the residual debris in the drum room and the transport room across the bridge, remove the small shaking plate, clean the bottom shell of the room, inside and outside of the fan and worm shell, outside of the gearbox, cutting table, driving platform, engine surface and other parts of straw weeds and dirt debris. After cleaning, start the machine and allow the working parts to run at high speed for 3 to 5 minutes. Then flush the outside of the machine with water and run the machine for 3-5 minutes at high speed to remove any remaining water.


Lubrication.According to the lubrication chart of combine harvester, lubrication table and diesel engine specification for full lubrication, and then idling the diesel engine with medium and medium throttle for 5-10 minutes.


Maintain the cutter.First, separate the moving and fixed blades, remove the soil and other debris between the blades, check whether the riveting of the blades is loose, whether the abrasion is over the standard, whether the pole is deformed, if it is loose, tighten it immediately, if it is over the standard wear, and if the rod deformation is corrected. Then, the gap between the moving and fixed blades is within 0.20mm after installation. The power bar should be smooth and smooth without any stuck phenomenon, and then it should be oiled for rust prevention.


Repair the threshing drum.Replace the overworn striated arcuate teeth and correct the modified arcuate teeth.

Check fasteners. If the fastener is loose or loose, it should be filled and tightened in time.


Check fasteners.If the fastener is loose or loose, it should be filled and tightened in time.


Check the transmission chain.Remove all transmission chains and clean them up. Check for cracks and other qualitative changes of each link sleeve.


Maintain transmission belts. Remove all transmission belts to check for skidding burns, aging, damage, etc., if any. The transmission belt that can continue to use should be cleaned, applied talc, installed by position, and adjusted according to the requirements before next season harvest.


Apply the paint.Clean and repaint all the metal surfaces of the machine.


Adjust snails at all control points.Apply grease to lower the pulling wheel and cutting table to the lowest position and lift the plunger rod into the cylinder.


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