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Detailed instructions: wheat no-tillage planter

Detailed instructions: wheat no-tillage planter


Author:Dekenag  Alice


Wheat no-till planter is the implementation of conservation tillage mechanization technology applied in the process of a kind of important tools, it will be released after the previous harvest crop without any compound operations, in the field of the disposable complete stubble, open ditch, fertilizer, sow, cover earth, rolling etc process, reduce the mechanical damage to soil compaction, save work time saving, fertilizer saving, increase production, protect the environment. In order to properly use the wheat no-tillage planter and give full play to its efficient function, the following is an example of ZBMFS series wheat no-tillage planter, which is widely used and popularized.


I. installation of machines and tools


1. Installation of rotary cutter.Each group of rotary cutter is composed of two curved knives and four straight knives in the middle. When installing, the scimitar should be bent inward, with center distance of 16cm, and center distance of straight blade 6cm and 8cm. The rotation direction of the rotary cutter shaft assembly is the same as that of the tractor tire. During the operation, the straight blade cut off the long straw, and the curved blade cast the straw into the ridges. There is basically no long straw in the wheat groove, which creates good conditions for the growth and development of wheat.


2. Installation of furrow opener for planting fertilizer.During the installation, it is required to apply fertilizer to the trench opener before, sow the trench opener before and after, and bolt the u card to the beam. Adjust its upper and lower position according to agronomic requirements to ensure sowing and fertilizing depth. Generally, the planting depth was 4 + / 1cm, and the fertilization depth was 5cm below the seed.


3. Universal joint installation. The joint has two different internal splines at both ends, among which the internal splines of 8-38x32x6 are connected with the external splines of the power output shaft of the tractor, and the internal splines of 8-42x42x8 are connected with the power input shaft of the machine and tools. After installation, the two spline joint forks should be in the same plane.


II. Use and adjustment


1. Preparation and adjustment before operation

(1) fastening and oil filling. Before using the machine and tools should check the fastening parts and whether the rotation part is flexible. Add lubricating oil to chain drive and other rotating parts.


(2) use the seeding (fertilizer) device.The wheat no-tillage sowing machine adopts semi precision external groove wheel seed metering device. During sowing, the pulling plate is drawn out. After sowing, the seeds are cleaned and pushed into the pulling plate.


(3) limit of crushing wheel. In the state of transportation, the rocker arms on both sides of the roller are fixed by the upper and lower limit pin of the fan plate. When working, the upper limit pin must be released and put in the appropriate hole position on the fan plate.


(4) adjustment of seeding device.Rough adjustment: loosen the lock nut of the adjusting hand wheel, make the tooth ring exit from the meshing position, and turn the gear wheel to adjust the seeding quantity until the indicator of seeding quantity reaches the preset position. After adjustment, make sure to lock the nut. Fine adjustment: the crackdown on wheels, and suppress the rotating wheel, and all have a seed metering device after discharge, according to the normal speed and direction, the uniform rotation to suppress wheel lap 25 (machine operating area is 0.1 mu) pick up the seeds of all kinds of discharge tube, according to the exhaust pipe from the seed weight and total weight metering, calculate the average amount of seed and MuBoLiang per line. When adjusting the sowing amount, the seeds (or fertilizer) in the seed row (fertilizer) will be cleared until the movement of the groove wheel is not affected. In order to meet the requirements of agronomy, it should be carefully and repeatedly debugging. After adjustment, lock the nut.


(5) adjustment of the fertilizer feeder.Wheat no-till planter USES only granular fertilizers. The adjustment of fertilizer amount and the adjustment of planting amount were carried out simultaneously, and the method was the same.


(6) adjust the level of the machine around and around.Raise the rotary knife and trencher off the ground, check whether the blade tip, hook and tool are horizontal or not, and adjust the right oblique pull rod after adjusting the tractor. In the operation, the machine should be on the same horizontal surface before and after, otherwise, the length of the upper pull rod in the tractor suspension device can be adjusted.


(7) check the rotation clearance.Carefully check the relative position of rotary knife and trencher before operation so that there is no collision.


2. Use and adjustment in the work


(1) forward speed.Under the condition that the tractors are not overloaded and the stubble removal and planting meet the agricultural requirements, the general advance speed is 3-4km/h.


(2) started.Start the tractor, turn the knife off the ground, combine power output, idle for half a minute, hang the working block, slowly release the clutch, simultaneously operate the hydraulic lift, then increase the accelerator, make the machine tool gradually enter the soil, until normal operation.


(3) adjustment of sowing and fertilization depth

A. Change the length of the hanger rod on the rear of the tractor and the position of upper limit pin on both sides of the two sets of radial arms of the repression wheel, which can change the depth of sowing and fertilizing synchronously and the depth of tillage synchronously.

B. Change the height of planting and fertilizer trencher installation, adjust the depth of sowing and fertilization, but the relative position of planting and fertilizer depth remains unchanged.

(4) adjustment of the suppressor.To change the suppression intensity, it can be achieved by changing the position of the limit pin of the rocker arm on both sides of the suppression wheel. The more the upper limit pin moves down, the greater the pressure.


III. Notes for homework


1. When working with machines and tools, operators standing on the pedals should hold on firmly to avoid personal injury.


2. Check, repair, adjustment, maintenance and other work shall be carried out after the tractor has been extinguished.


3. When working with machines and tools, where there are warning signs and chains, do not approach or touch them by hand.


4. The lifting of the machine and tools should be stable to avoid quick rise and fall and damage the machine and tools. When the machine is not lifted, it is strictly prohibited to reverse or turn.


5. Before operation, field investigation should be carried out, and after removing obstacles, operation can be carried out.


6. Oil injection, seed addition, fertilizer addition, and debris removal must be carried out after parking. Before adding seed (fertilizer), check the seed (fertilizer) box for debris. The non - tillage planter only USES granular fertilizer, adding seeds should be clean, to prevent blockage and lack of seedlings.


7. When sowing or transferring land, it is strictly forbidden to stand between the tractor and the sowing machine or sit on the farm tools.


8. Unnecessary parking should be reduced at work to reduce the accumulation or cutting of seeds or fertilizers.


9. It is strictly forbidden to check, adjust and repair under the planter after it is hoisted.


10. Trial seeding: after the tractor is hung with the sowing machine, the seeds shall be loaded into the seed box to adjust the seeding quantity to the required position and the trial seeding distance shall be determined. The seeds are then taken out and weighed to determine the weight of the seeds planted. The weight divided by the trial area is the trial amount, and then adjust the handle according to the size of the seeding amount until it is appropriate for large area seeding.


11. When working, the rotary knife can be used to enter the soil gradually after rotating, and the precipitating machine and tools are not allowed to work.


12. It is strictly prohibited to work when the ground turns or retreats.

When the relative moisture content of soil exceeds 70%, the operation is prohibited.


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