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Correct operation and maintenance of corn combine harvester in four aspects

Correct operation and maintenance of corn combine harvester in four aspects


Author:Dekenag  Alice


The first. Inspection before test run. 1. Check whether the mounting of the bearing at each position and the high-speed rotating parts on the shaft (such as the stalk cutting device and the intermediate shaft) is normal. 2. Check the tension of v-belt and chain. 3. Check whether any tools or irrelevant items are left on the working parts of the harvester, and whether all the protective covers are in place. 4. Check whether the fuel, oil and lubricating oil are in place.


The second. No - load test run.1. Separate the engine clutch and put the gear lever in the neutral position. 2. Start the engine and engage the clutch at low speed. When the operation is normal, gradually increase the engine speed until the rated speed, and then make the harvester operate at the rated speed. 3. During operation, the following inspections shall be carried out: the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic system shall be operated in sequence to check the work of the hydraulic system, the sealing of the hydraulic pipeline and hydraulic components; Check the braking of harvester (in motion). After running for 20 minutes, disengage the engine clutch once, check whether the bearing overheat, the belt, the drive of the chain, and the fastening of the connecting parts. When all the gears are connected in sequence, the harvester is put into trial operation. The ground test time shall be no less than 3 hours and the running time shall be no less than 1 hour.


The third. Operation test run.During the first 30 hours, the harvester speed is 20% ~ 25% lower than the normal speed. The normal working speed can be carried out according to the recommended working speed in the manual. After the test run, thoroughly check the fastening degree of assembly, correct adjustment of assembly, working state of electrical equipment, etc. Replace the lubricating oil of all reducer and closed gear box.


The fourth. Matters needing attention in operation. 1. Before operation, the working part should be smoothly combined with the clutch. The throttle should be increased from small to large. 2. During field operation, the cutting quality and stubble height should be checked regularly, and the height of the cutting table should be adjusted at any time. 3. Check the work of ear picking device according to the number of seeds dropped on the ground. The loss of grains should not exceed 0.5% of the total corn grains. When the loss is large, check whether the working gap between the pick plate is appropriate. 4. The operation of the corn harvester shall be properly interrupted for 1 to 2 minutes, and the working part shall be left empty, so as to remove all remaining materials such as corn ear and grain from the working part, and no blockage of the working part shall be allowed. When the working parts are blocked, stop the machine in time to remove the plug, otherwise the friction of the corn combine harvester will increase and parts will be damaged. 5. When turning or working along the corn line, raise the cutting table to the transportation position when there are puddles. When working in fields with ditches, work only along the direction of the ditches.


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