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Common trouble and troubleshooting of agricultural water pump

Common trouble and troubleshooting of agricultural water pump


Author:Dekenag  Alice


Agricultural water pump is the main irrigation machinery for drought-resistance and seedling preservation. It is inevitable that the water pump will fail to pump normally during operation. Therefore, common failures of pumps must be eliminated in time to ensure irrigation water for farmland.


One is that the pump does not discharge water.

The reasons are mostly that the pump body and the suction pipe are not filled with water diversion, part of the filter water stuck by the bottom valve is blocked, and the water absorption height is too high. It may also be that the steering direction is not blocked by the impeller flow channel. After checking one by one, measures can be taken to troubleshoot the valve at the bottom, fill the drainage, remove the blockage, correct the steering and clean the impeller.


The other is the pump body violent vibration or noise.


The reason is that the pump is not installed properly or the pump is installed too high. Motor ball bearing damaged; Pump spindle bending or different from the motor spindle center, not parallel. The installation height of the pump can be reduced or stabilized by installing the pump; Replace the motor ball bearing; Correct the bending pump spindle or adjust the relative position of the pump and motor.


Third, pipe leakage or leakage.


The nut may not tighten when installed. If leakage is not serious, smear cement or slurry mixed with asphalt oil in the place of leakage or leakage. Temporary repairs may be made with wet mud or soft soap. If leakage occurs at the joint, a wrench can be used to tighten the nut. If leakage is serious, it must be reassembled.


Four is packing superheat.


Because the packing pressure is too tight, cooling water can not enter the packing or shaft surface damage. The packing can be relaxed properly and the sealing pipe can be cleared. Packing wear must be replaced. The packing should be soaked through in the oil round by round before installation, and the cut should be staggered so as to reduce leakage. After the last ring of packing is installed, the compaction cover should be installed before adjusting the tightness.


Five is the pump shaft defects.


Pump shaft bending often due to impact load, belt tension or improper installation, etc. If the bending is not severe, you can use the manual screw straightener, but not too hard. If the pump shaft crack or disassembly, welding, welding or calcining, and then tempering, grinding.


Six is impeller removal.


There are many pitting points on the surface of impeller blades which are damaged or impacted by cavitation corrosion. Hard alloy should be replaced or plated. In case of less wear, casting can also be carried out. In case of disassembly, fix the impeller and pump shaft first, loosen the joint screw of the nut or driving device, and then rotate the thimble screw, gradually pull the driving device out. The shaft is then removed from the pump casing and the impeller is removed and sent to the repair shop for repair.


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