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Common fault analysis of small combined grinding mill unit

Common fault analysis of small combined grinding mill unit


Author:Dekenag  Alice

The flour processing units, which consist of several small roller mill machines and wheat cleaning and conveying equipment, have been widely used in rural areas. It has the characteristics of high production efficiency, high automation level, strong labor, low degree and good quality of ground flour. However, some failures often occur during the use of this equipment. The reasons for the failures are analyzed as follows:

1. Motor fault the whole unit has more than 10 motors of different sizes, so the motor fault cannot be ignored. High temperature is one of the main causes of motor damage. The causes of high temperature include lack of oil in the bearing, entering dirty materials, bearing damage or; Motor overload, etc.

2. Clean the screen failure(1) clear the screen for large vibration or shaking. The cause is loose bolts or wooden wedges. (2) there are wheat grains in the sand. The reason is that the inner air door of the discharge mouth is small, or the inclination Angle of the screen is not appropriate. The wheat is broken too much. The reason is that the gap between the tooth plate and screen is too small and the screen hole is too large or damaged.

3. Screw mixer malfunction(1) no food is discharged from the outlet. The reason is that the motor is not steering correctly, the outlet is blocked, and the blade of the mixer is broken. (2) the agitator shaft does not rotate. The reasons are too much feed, belt slip and so on.

4. Mill failure(1) the body should be shaken and the connecting bolt of the grinding head and the frame should be tightened. (2) output decreases. The spring should be tightened to ensure that the gap between the two ends of the grinding roller is consistent and the worn teeth should be repaired. (3) high temperature of flour. The grinding roller should be adjusted, if it is seriously worn, it should be repaired or replaced. In summer, the machine should be shut down for heat dissipation when the temperature is high. (4) not outside the bran. Common reason has the spindle to turn not right, screen frame seal is not tight or screen mesh is damaged. (5) no powder or little powder. The common cause is the blockage of the screen.

5. The closing device fails and the closing air is not good, and the surface bag may be sucked up. Common causes are air leakage at the joints, impeller wear and so on. When the impeller is worn, a rubber sheet can be added to the outer rim.

6. Failure of cloth filter cartridge(1) there is a lot of flying dust in the room. Reasons for distribution; Box dust collector is not strict, cloth barrel is not; Tighten, connect the air duct air leakage and so on. (2) excessive flour in the filter cartridge. The reasons include large air volume, air leakage or wear through the connection of lower end of powder collector, large gap between closed air impeller and shell.

7. Electrical fault(1) the unit cannot be started. Common reasons include low voltage, lack of phase, poor line contact, disconnection of control loop, fuse blown, etc. (2) single machine cannot start. Common causes include poor contact or disconnection of the single control loop, and burning of ac contactor coil.


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