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Common failures and troubleshooting of corn thresher

Common failures and troubleshooting of corn thresher

Author:Dekenag  Alice

The first,the feeding device returns the ear of corn

1. Reason: the instantaneous feeding amount is too large.

2. Elimination method: appropriate amount of uniform continuous feeding.

The second,drum blockage

1. Reason: the cylinder end row outlet adjustment plate is small.

2. Elimination method: turn up the adjustment plate of the roller or turn up the separation outlet at the same time.

The third,the net removal rate is not up to standard

1. Reasons: excessive water content in seeds, excessive adjustment plate of roller, low rotary number of roller, severe wear of nail teeth and uneven feeding amount.

2. Elimination method: dry the corn, adjust the adjustment plate of the drum, increase the speed of the drum, replace the nail teeth, and feed uniformly and continuously.

The fourth,many straps

1. Reason: large outlet of the drum, high rotating speed of the drum, large outlet of the separation chamber.

2. Elimination method: adjust the end adjustment plate and separation adjustment plate of the roller to make their outlet smaller; In addition, the rotating speed can be reduced.

The fifth,cleaning is not clean

1. Reason: the distance between the screen surface and the air intake adjustment plate is too small and the air volume is large.

2. Elimination method: open the upper cover plate of the suction duct properly, increase the distance between the air inlet adjusting plate and screen surface, and reduce the fan speed.

The sixth,the granulator stops working

1. Reason: loose triangular belt, separation of large and small bevel gear, separation of blade and shaft.

2. Elimination method: tighten or replace the v-belt and clear the blockage; Adjust the size of bevel gear tooth spacing, blade and axle load new welding.