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Causes of black smoke emission and its elimination methods

Causes of black smoke emission and its elimination methods


Author:Dekenag  Alice


The phenomenon is due to incomplete fuel combustion. When emitting black smoke, often accompanied by engine power decline, exhaust temperature is too high, water temperature is too high, resulting in several engine wear, affecting engine life. The reasons and ways to eliminate this phenomenon are as follows:


(1) insufficient air intake or blocked air inlet pipe. In order to find out the reason, the following inspection should be carried out: whether the air filter is blocked; Whether the air inlet pipe is leaking; Whether the turbocharger is damaged.


(2) improper adjustment of valve clearance; poor contact of valve sealing ring. Check valve clearance, valve spring and valve sealing ring tape.


(3) the supply of each cylinder of high pressure oil pump is uneven or too large. If the rotating speed is unstable and black smoke is emitted intermittently, it should be adjusted to make it balanced or within the specified range.


(4) if the injection is too late, the injection advance Angle should be adjusted.


(5) the injector is not working well or is damaged, and should be removed and repaired.


(6) serious wear of cylinder sleeve and piston ring components. When this happens, the piston ring seal is not tight, and the air pressure in the cylinder drops, resulting in the diesel engine cannot fully burn and emit black smoke, and the engine power drops sharply, and in serious cases, the engine will automatically shut off when under load. Wear parts should be replaced.


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