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Causes and prevention of tractor tire wear acceleration

Causes and prevention of tractor tire wear acceleration


Author:Dekenag  Alice


A lot of farmer friend consult the reason that tractor tire wears quicken and prevent, this article introduces 4 points below:

1. The long - term overload operation of the tractor tire overload, slip rate increased, accelerated tire wear. At this point, if the tire pressure on both sides is different and the difference is large, the tire with low air pressure will become more worn and "eat" the tire very quickly.

Prevent and cure method: tire pressure should accord with a regulation, hot season can be a bit lower,? Generally take the lower limit of the specified value. If the tire pressure is too high, the curtain layer will stretch excessively, making it overfatigue or break. The tire pressure is too low, the overcreasing deformation of the curtain is easy to cause the rubber layer to break away from the curtain layer and accelerate the aging and wear of the rubber layer. Therefore, do not overload the tractor in the long run to reduce tire slip wear.

2. According to the measurement, when the trailer tripod of tractor trailer is not equal to waist with a difference of 60mm, the large tire on the side of short waist will shorten the service life of 1/2, and the trailer tire on that side will also aggravate the wear.

Prevention and treatment: measure the distance between the center of the tripod towing pin hole and the center of the trailer's two front wheels. If not, find out the cause and rule it out. When necessary, recreate an isosceles tripod.

3. The front and rear wheels on the left and right sides of the tractor are not equal in wheelbase. Except for the front wheels on the side of the short wheelbase, the other three tires will be deformed and worn.

Prevention and cure method: check the wheelbase of the front and rear wheels on both sides. The method is to make two front wheels forward and compare the two shortest distances of the outer rim of the front and rear wheels on both sides. If not, find out why. Generally caused by bending deformation of steering knuckle, steering knuckle, front axle or large axle, it can be removed and corrected or replaced with new parts to restore the same wheelbase on both front and rear wheels.

4. Unit resonance acceleration large tire wear if all three of the above is not a problem, and the right large tire has the abnormal phenomenon of septum deformity wear, it is the unit resonance at fault. At this time, the machine hand only has to change the customary position of the accelerator, do not always put the accelerator on the unit resonant at the speed, large tires "eat the tire" the problem will be cured.