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Cause of white smoke of diesel engine and troubleshooting

Cause of white smoke of diesel engine and troubleshooting


Author:Dekenag  Alice


Diesel exhaust steam (white) and steam (light white) of diesel engine are collectively known as white smoke, and the reasons and ways to eliminate them are as follows:

1. Pale white smoke

There's water in the diesel. Elimination method: exhaust the water in the oil tank bottom, diesel filter, fuel pump and other parts of the diesel supply system. Prevention: diesel oil needs to precipitate for more than 24 hours before use. Do not insert oil pump into the bottom of diesel barrel when refueling. If the oil cap is damaged or lost, it should be matched in time.

Empty the cooling water cylinder. Poor gasket sealing or cracks in the bottom of cylinder cover, the cooling water in the water jacket leakage cylinder, will also lead to steam smoke. It is necessary to find the leaking parts and repair or replace the relevant parts. Prevention: first, the cylinder cover bolts should be tightened to the specified value in several times according to the diagonal line; second, when installing the cylinder sleeve, the cylinder sleeve shoulder should be slightly higher than the cylinder body plane; third, cooling water should be added in time to prevent the cylinder sleeve from cracking.

2. White smoke

Temperature is low in winter. Due to the low temperature, some diesel failed to catch fire and emit white smoke. This white smoke disappears with the increase of engine temperature, which is normal.

Abnormal atomization of diesel oil. The reasons are as follows: the injection pressure is too low, the fuel injector drops seriously, or the pressure of the fuel injector is too low, causing some diesel oil mist to emit white smoke when it fails to catch fire in the combustion chamber. Should distinguish the situation, or replace the pump plunger coupling, or adjust the injection pressure to normal value, or remove the injector grinding repair needle valve coupling, can not repair to replace.