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Buy a few key points of agricultural machine learning to remember

Buy a few key points of agricultural machine learning to remember


Author:Dekenag  Alice


Before busy farming, many farmer friends need to purchase agricultural machinery equipment, farmer purchase agricultural machinery knowledge can be big, in the purchase of agricultural machinery products, must pay attention to the following aspects:

One, do not be greedy only cheap, want price, quality and after - sale service give consideration to.

When buying agricultural machinery to achieve careful inspection, clear needs, goods comparison, comprehensive consideration of product prices, quality and services. Do not buy blindly, with advertisement publicity alone and certain one-sided speech pay easily.

Second,when buying, should notice to ask to buy machine bill, product qualification certificate to the person that sell, "3 packets" proof and use specification.

Three,it is better to buy products qualified by sampling inspection of national quality and those recommended by relevant quality authorities.

The state spot-checks the quality of agricultural machinery products, which are extracted directly from the market without informing the manufacturer, and does not charge the manufacturer, can truly reflect the quality of the products, and the competent authorities of the state are even more cautious in recommending products to the public.

Four, want the mouth is diligent, the eye is diligent, the leg is diligent.

Most farmers do not have special knowledge of agricultural machinery, this request before the decision want to know more, go to find have farm machinery, inquired about the usage of this product, parts supply, after-sales service and so on, can also go to the local agricultural machinery department consultation to buy agricultural machinery products with or without government subsidies of agricultural machinery, to different sellers, on the basis of sufficient contrast decision-making.

Five,pay attention to the study of relevant laws and regulations, strive to improve the awareness of rights protection, so as to protect their legitimate rights and interests.