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Agricultural machinery maintenance should pay attention to wujing

Agricultural machinery maintenance should pay attention to wujing


Author:Dekenag  Alice


At present, most of the engine of agricultural machinery is diesel engine, so diesel oil purification is very important. There are three ways to purify diesel. One is to buy back diesel static precipitation more than 96 hours; Second, when refueling will funnel filter, plus a layer of silk cloth; Third, when oil is taken from the oil barrel, take the filter plus a layer of silk cloth or typewriter waxed paper, and should be cleaned or replaced regularly.


Pay attention to the use of clean standard oil. The filter core of the oil filter should be cleaned regularly, and the rotor type filter is pasted on the inner wall of the rotor with a layer of kraft paper of appropriate width and length to facilitate the adsorption of dirt under centrifugation. When cleaning the dirt adsorbed on the filter core, it is best to use a pump to inflate, blow air from the inside out, brush with wool, never wipe with your hands. Use a clean calcium base grease to grease the butter.


When the engine is running, the cylinder takes in2~4 cubic meters of air per minute. In order to ensure that the air entering the cylinder is clean, the air filters must be inspected and cleaned regularly.


Cooling water cleaning engine cooling water is the best use of soft water, that is, snow water, rain water or treated tap water and clean well water, the cooling system is cleaned according to the proportion of water volume added 1% caustic soda and 0.5% kerosene.


Machine and tools clean farming machine work mostly in the field, open air, often with dust, silt, water contact, the body is most easy dirty. Accordingly, should often scrub, make fuselage does not rust, give when necessary repair paint, prevent rust.


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