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Agricultural machinery maintenance should be good three customs

Agricultural machinery maintenance should be good three customs


Author:Dekenag  Alice


One is disassembly.


Before disassembly,the repairman should judge as accurately as possible, and remove the parts that need not be disassembled or disassembled to the maximum extent, which is essentially a "damage", adding an unnecessary wear and tear. In the indispensable disassembly, the disassembly method from the accessory to the main part and from the external to the internal shall be followed in the order of disassembly by the whole machine, assembly by assembly, and then parts by parts.


Use proper disassembly toolsduring disassembly.Have special tools must use special tools, do not hit hard.


When disassembly, to prepare for assembly, some parts of the original assembly marks, to remember; If there is nothing or the mark is not clear, make up the mark.


It belongs to the same kind of parts that can not be exchanged, such as the valve of multi-cylinder diesel engine, bearing cover, etc., which belong to the marked or marked position of the mating parts with each other, such as each gear, connecting rod and connecting rod tile, connecting rod cover, etc., which must be classified and stored in groups.


The second is the assembly level.

After the repair or replacement of the parts, the assembly shall be carried out. In fact, the repair quality is mainly reflected in the assembly quality. Therefore, careful assembly should be conducted according to technical requirements.


1. Assembly shall be carried out in order. Generally, assembly shall be carried out step by step from inside to outside. To avoid leakage, misloading, do not fall into the machine tools and parts left a hidden accident.


2. Use special tools and equipment as far as possible during assembly. This can not only improve efficiency, but also guarantee assembly quality.


3. Assemble the screw group in a certain order and uniformly tighten the screws to ensure uniform force on the parts and prevent the warping from oil leakage, water leakage and air leakage. For screws and bolts with certain torque requirements, such as cylinder cover screws and nuts, torque wrenches shall be tightened as required.


4. When installing the fitting parts such as piston pin and piston, the piston should be heated, so that it is easy to install, and the parts cannot be damaged by hard knocks.


5. When assembling the moving parts, oil should be applied on the matching surface of the parts to avoid dry friction and loss.


6. During assembly, check the marked relative parts to ensure their correct position and motion relationship. For example, the timing gear assembly in the diesel engine gear chamber should ensure correct oil supply and air distribution time.


7. When installing the anti-loose device, the iron wire shall not be used to replace the split pin. When using the wire stop, pay attention to the wire interpenetration direction to prevent loose parts.


8. During the assembly process, the assembly quality should be checked at any time, and problems should be corrected timely to avoid rework.


The third is inspection and cleaning.


1. Clean the external soil, dust and oil of agricultural machinery before disassembly.


2. Conduct technical identification and inspection of the dismantled parts, and judge whether the parts are available according to the standard value and the limit value, and determine whether the parts need to be repaired or scrapped and new parts need to be replaced.


3. Before assembling, clean parts and parts and keep them clean. In particular, diesel plunger couples, oil valve couples, needle valve couples, should be kept highly clean.


4. After assembling, the machine should be inspected carefully, and tested again after the inspection is accurate.


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