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Adjustment of hydraulic reversible reversible plough in use

Adjustment of hydraulic reversible reversible plough in use


Author:Dekenag  Alice


In order to make it convenient for agricultural machinery (product catalog) households to correctly use hydraulic two-way flip plough (product library) and solve users' difficulties in use, I have summarized some practical adjustment experience in the years of after-sales service, and now take 1lf-435b hydraulic two-way flip plough as an example. Introduces some adjustment methods in use.


(1) correct suspension method.Before tillage, the 1lf-435b hydraulic two-way tilting plow is three-point suspension. The two-point lower lifting arm is installed after the two lower lugs of the plow, and then the central pulling rod is hung. It should be noted that the center of the plow is adjusted to the positive center of the tractor. The method is to adjust the size of the two lifting arms and the inside of the large tires of the tractor to be symmetrical and equal, and then screw down the zipper nuts on both sides to prevent uneven ridges from swinging left and right when ploughing.


(2) adjust the central tie bar.Before the adjustment, make a plow from the side of the ground. When you return, adjust the tires of the tractor after the furrow. If the former is deep, the latter is shallow. On the contrary, the central pull rod is relaxed, so that the bottom part of the plow can be deep and the front part shallow.


(3) adjustment of tillage depth. The rated tillage depth of the 1lf-435b hydraulic two-way tilter is 20 ~ 30cm, clear the bottom of the trench during measurement, parallel to the uncultivated surface with a straight bar, and then vertically measured with a ruler. In case of shallow tillage, adjust the bolts of the plate limiting support of the deep wheel to shorten the bolts, so that the deep wheel is backward inclined and the plow frame is lowered to increase the depth. If the tillage is too deep, more than 30cm, use the same method to rotate the long support bolts so that the deep wheel tilts forward and the plow frame is raised to achieve the purpose of shallow tillage. It is important to note that after the length of one side is adjusted, the bolts on the other side should be adjusted to the same length. Additional, still can adjust the left and right support on fixed plate, make its move up and down, will adjust the depth of limit deep wheel.


(4) adjustment method for bolts of limit plate of plough frame. The limit plate adjustment bolts on both sides of the plow suspension frame beam are used to adjust the left and right balance of the plow frame. When ploughing, take the ground plane as the reference to observe whether the plow frame is parallel or not.


It should be notedthat after adjusting one side, the other side should be adjusted in the same way, so as to achieve a consistent effect of left-turn and right-turn. In the absence of tillage, plow frame is not parallel, a certain degree of slope is normal.


(5) adjustment of the difficulty of ploughshare entering the soil.First check whether the tractor and the plow are too high (joint point), if too high must be reduced to the appropriate depth of the plow into soil, and then shorten the length of the central rod to increase the plow into soil Angle. The position of the depth limiting wheel can also be moved backward from the corresponding position of the second plow column to the position between the second and the third plow column. In addition, the thickness of the plowshare blade over 3mm should be forged or sharpened, otherwise it will not be easy to enter the soil.


(6) the adjustment of the easy deviation of tractor (product warehouse) cultivation. First, adjust the hook of the plow to make the three-point suspension in the positive center of the tractor, and ensure that the two lifting arms are the same size as the large tire inside of the tractor. Adjust the distance between each column on the plow rack to reach the required uniform size. The distance between the two adjacent plow columns of type 435B is 7cm.

In addition, check whether the size of rear tire of the tractor is consistent with that of the front tire. If there is deviation, adjust the size of the front tire to make it consistent and reduce the deviation in farming.


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