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A trick: treat fish disease with salt

A trick: treat fish disease with salt


Author:Dekenag  Alice


Salt has a strong osmotic and dehydrating effect. High concentration of salt can change the osmotic pressure of pathogenic microorganisms, inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms or directly kill pathogenic microorganisms, so as to prevent and treat fish diseases. Salt is widely used in the prevention and treatment of fish disease.


The fish can be treated by leaching with 3% to 5% salt water for 10-20 minutes. Oviposite-laying fish nests or eggs were washed with 1% to 3% salt water for 10-20 minutes, which can prevent the disease of oviducts. The fish body was soaked with 2% salt and 3% baking soda for 10 minutes to prevent the disease. The fish were soaked with 3.5% salt water and 1.5% magnesium sulfate solution for 15 minutes, which could prevent and control the small melon bug. The fish body was soaked with 0.7% salt water, which had a preventive effect on the complications of mortierella eels and rotten tail disease. The fish body was soaked with 1% salt water, which had certain inhibition effect on hellerworm diseases such as eel wheel worm and lernae.


Full pond sprinkling method: 0.65-0.75kg of salt is used to splash water on the whole pond for one mu of water depth per meter, once a day for 2-3 days. Use salt 10kg per mu plus yellow mud 10kg and pour water over the whole pond or salt 2.5-5kg dissolved water over the whole pond for each mu of 1-meter water depth. Salt solution of 10-15 kg water was applied to treat leukocephala and trichomoniasis per mu of water depth. The salt and baking soda mixture with 0.04% concentration can be used to prevent and control the disease. When the mud dace has bacterial septicaemia and leads to a large number of deaths, it can be sprayed with coarse salt. 2.5-3.5kg of crude salt is used for each mu of water depth of one meter.


It is often used in combination with garlic. For every 100kg fish, 0.5kg of salt and garlic are used as medicine bait. Feeding for 7 days is a course of treatment. For every 100 kg grass carp, use 2 kg of garlic to peel and mash, and add 10 kg of rice bran, 1 kg of flour and 1 kg of salt. After stirring evenly, feed them once a day for 5 days, which can prevent and control the "three diseases" of grass carp, namely bacterial rotten gill disease, red skin disease and enteritis.


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