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[Tractor] Several ways of saving oil

[Tractor] Several ways of saving oil


Author: Dekenag  Alice


The fuel economy of tractors has not only saved energy for the country, but also saved cost and increased income for drivers. The impact is particularly pronounced in today's high oil prices. Here are some ways to save fuel.


The First, proficient driving skills and driving skills. We've done this experiment before, where a driver with a different skill level, driving the same tractor, driving the same 100 kilometers of road under the same load, has a 20-25% difference in fuel consumption. It can be seen that the driver's driving operation has a great impact on fuel consumption, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:


1. Use safe taxi to save oil.When the tractor is running, it cuts off the power of the engine and USES inertia to drive. Sliding not only saves fuel, but also reduces the wear of the parts and extends the life of the tires. The use of taxiing must ensure safety, the vehicle technical situation is good, especially the brake and steering equipment to be effective and reliable; Proficient in driving; The road is wide and straight, the line of sight is good, traffic situation is not complicated. There are three common ways to slide :(1) slow down. When the tractor approaching the parking place, red light, turn, cross the bridge or meet obstacles in front of the need to slow down, you can use the off-speed deceleration sliding method, using inertia, to slide the brake, saving fuel. (2) accelerated taxi. It is suitable for flat and wide roads without complicated traffic conditions. When the speed reaches high speed, it will slide out of gear and continue driving with inertia. When the speed drops to medium speed, it will change into high speed quickly and continue to speed up.(3) downhill slide. It is suitable for the wide straight section of hilly area where the wave is undulating and the slope is not steep. First, the slope of the high speed, close to the top of the forward shift, so that the tractor over the top and continue to slide.


2. Use economic speed to save oil. The tractor has a minimum fuel consumption speed, economic speed. Higher or lower economic speeds increase fuel consumption. When driving at higher economic speed, the higher the speed, the greater the power required to overcome the driving resistance, and the more fuel consumption. When driving below the economic speed, although the power required to overcome the resistance is small, the heat loss of the engine increases and the fuel consumption increases. Different vehicles drive on different loads and roads with different economic speeds. The road surface is good, the load light, the tractor performance is better when high. On the contrary, it is lower.


3.Before driving, check the driving route, avoid unnecessary long journey, and avoid stopping to ask the way, because it costs more fuel to start.


4. The team should wait for the front car to drive for a certain distance before starting. Do not follow closely during the driving, and avoid stop-and-go.


5. When parking, choose a place that is easy to start. Drive carefully in a good position, reduce the number of forward and reverse, and try to be in position once.


6.When driving on short slopes or passing through undulating roads, the slope should be accelerated in advance. When going up a long steep slope, you should change gears at the right time after the ramp, do not refuel to rush, do not drag, to change gears in time.


7.When the tractor is stuck in the mud puddle and the wheels are idling, do not make a sudden rush of oil. It is necessary to repair the road or put stones and boards under the wheels before driving. Otherwise, not only increase fuel consumption, but also cause serious wear and tear on the tractor.


The second, do the maintenance work of the tractor seriously and timely. The technical condition of the tractor has great influence on oil consumption. Any increase in resistance and heat generation is a sign of increased power loss and increased fuel consumption. Therefore, strengthening maintenance, good lubrication, correct adjustment to reduce internal resistance, can save oil. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects:


1 . Adjustment of ignition advance Angle.The ignition advance Angle is properly adjusted so that most of the mixture burns out when the piston reaches the top stop, and the maximum power can be obtained with minimal fuel consumption. Improper adjustment will consume more oil.


2. Adjustment of valve clearance.In the work of the engine, the valve is constantly opened and closed, resulting in the valve, valve seat and other parts wear, so that valve clearance changes. Therefore, regular checks and adjustments must be made. Otherwise the valve clearance is too large or too small, which will reduce the engine power and increase the fuel consumption. If the valve clearance is too large, the opening height of the valve will become smaller, and the opening time of the valve will be shortened, so that the engine air intake will be reduced and the exhaust will not be smooth, and the exhaust gas will remain in the cylinder more, which will decrease the engine power and increase the fuel consumption. When the valve clearance is too small or no gap, the valve will be closed loosely, resulting in air leakage, which also reduces the engine power and increases fuel consumption.


3. Clean or replace the filter core of the air filter in time. The blockage of the air filter will cause insufficient air intake, so that the oil cannot be burned completely and increase the oil consumption.


4.Regularly and quantitatively add the specified type of lubricating oil, grease and other oil to clean or replace the filter element of diesel oil and oil filter (or replace the diesel filter and oil filter assembly) to make the oil supply and lubrication of the tractor good and normal, reduce the wear and oil consumption of the parts.


5. Lubrication and adjustment of hub bearing. The wheel hub bearings can be lubricated as long as the bearings are filled with grease. The wheel hub cavity needs only a thin layer of grease to prevent rust, otherwise it will increase the resistance. The axial clearance adjustment of the bearing should be appropriate, too small will make rolling resistance increase, too general assembly to make the wheel skew, easy to swing in the driving, not only difficult to control the direction, and brake drum skew and brake plate contact, the same will add fuel consumption.


6. Front beam adjustment. The front beam is not allowed, the rolling resistance increases, and when the speed exceeds 30 kilometers per hour, the direction is difficult to control, so the speed has to be reduced, so the fuel consumption increases.


7. Foot brake clearance adjustment.If the clearance is too small, the resistance increases and the fuel consumption increases. If the gap is too large, the brake is not effective, affecting safety, and for safety, the driver must make brake preparation at any time, slow down the driving speed, increase fuel consumption.


8. Adjust the free travel of the clutch pedal. If the free travel is too small, the clutch is prone to skid. In order to obtain the required driving speed, the engine speed needs to be increased, which will cause part of the power to be consumed in the unhelpful friction between the clutch parts and increase the fuel consumption. Too much free travel, poor clutch separation, difficult shift, will also increase fuel consumption.


9. Adjustment of tire pressure. Low tire pressure increases rolling resistance and fuel consumption. The tire pressure is high, and although the rolling resistance is reduced, the smoothness and maneuverability of the tractor are affected. What the driver needs to do is to check the tire pressure regularly to keep it within the manufacturer's limits.


The third, reasonable selection of mature oil saving agent.Oil saving agent is a kind of additive which can improve the combustion. There are many varieties of oil saving agent, and the effect of oil saving is different. Some are obvious, some are not. Oil saving agents generally have the following three functions:


1 . Catalysis.It can promote fuel atomization, improve combustion process, make the mixture fully burnt out and improve combustion efficiency, thus saving fuel.


2. Neutralization.Some components of the oil saving agent can be neutralized with sulfur dioxide and sulfur trioxide produced by burning sulfur compounds in the fuel oil, so as to discharge the gas and prevent the metal from corroding by combining with other components in the cylinder and precipitating for carbon deposition or producing sulfuric acid and sulfuric acid when encountering water.


3. Cleaning effect. After using the fuel oil with oil saving agent, the original carbon accumulation of the cylinder can be softened, thinned or peeled, so that the new carbon accumulation is no longer formed, and the combustor, piston, valve, spark plug, etc. can be kept clean, thus extending the maintenance cycle and service life of the engine.


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