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"China agricultural machinery" "road is not flat

On October 28, China international agricultural machinery exhibition kicked off in wuhan. The reporter learned from the meeting, China agricultural machinery exports more than 9.3 billion yuan in 2013, rose more than the national equipment manufacturing industry average growth in exports. The farmland in the rest of the world, China's agricultural machinery and roar.
As the agricultural population urbanization speeding up, the fundamental change happening in China's agricultural production mode. Reduce the agricultural population, rising labor costs, land circulation make it possible for planting scale, these conditions bring opportunity to the popularization and application of agricultural machinery. 
According to data from China's ministry of agriculture in 2013, Chinese farming in comprehensive mechanization level reached 59.5%, 27% higher than that of ten years ago. During the period of "11th five-year plan", benefited from the country, the fiscal and taxation preferential policy support, as well as further development of scientific research, production and development system, China has become the world's agricultural machinery manufacturer.